Hybrid cafe, market and store

Tools for a better life, the motto of Modern General Feed & Seed, is at the heart of everything we do here. A curated selection of amazing food and beverages to help nourish the body and mind. A selection of tools, seeds, and home goods that have been trusted at the farm in Nambe for over a decade. Books to nourish and expand the mind and soul. In 2015 we opened with a simple yet bold mission; share our passion for well-made and consciously chosen items. As the world moves towards digital spaces, we realize that more than ever the classic meeting place is a necessity. A place to gather, to share ideas and feed our bodies and minds with good food, and good conversation. Building off the mission of our sister restaurant, Vinaigrette, we want to bring health and delight into more aspects of our customers’ lives and to create a community gathering place that embodies the true spirit of a general store.