Our Breads are made in the traditional style-fully hydrated, and leavened with natural starters rather than commercial yeast.

The baking cycle takes almost two days from when we start the wild yeast levain to when the burnished, crusty boules come steaming out of the ABQ ovens, filling the restaurant with the heady sweet-tangy scent of fresh sourdough. The combination of complex natural starter, long fermentation and second rise make the bread intensely flavorful—soft and custardy with a golden chewy crust and a moist, springy crumb— but also healthier, because the starches are easier for your body to digest. Enjoy a slice or two in one of our menu items, or grab a loaf to enjoy at home.  Baker Rick’s signature flavored breads—like his addictive Green Chile Cheddar.

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From the Bakery


Our bakery is inspired by whole and alternative grains.  It’s all about indulgence spiked with nutrition: try our whole wheat chocolate chip cookie or iron-rich teff-flour brownie; chocolate chubby chewy studded with omega-3-rich pumpkin seeds or a protein-packed energy bar with figs, nuts and seeds.  Baked goods are half-price during happy hour from 3-5pm, every day!